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Welcome to God's People Care

God's People Care in many different ways. We are collecting simple ways to share our faith.

Prayer Labels for Community Food Pantry - When collecting Food Pantry Items, put a Prayer on each can or box.
Print on label paper - 3 labels wide by 10 labels high. (Example: Avery 5160)
1 O Give Thanks - Daisy English Spanish
2 O Give Thanks - Bouquet English Spanish
3 O Give Thanks - Pink Flowers English Spanish
4 O Give Thanks - Blue Design English Spanish
5 O Give Thanks - Star English Spanish
6 O Give Thanks - Wild Flowers English Spanish
7 O Give Thanks - Sunburst English Spanish
8 O Give Thanks - Sunrise and Cross English Spanish
9 O Give Thanks - Cross English Spanish
10 O Give Thanks - Communion English Spanish
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In His name the nations will put their hope. Matthew 12:21 NIV